Ewan McAnuff

McAnuff sees himself as an impressionistic artist. His medium of choice is oil on canvas
and he utilizes a wide range of subtle colours to create a soft, sensitive quality in his
paintings which are a synthesis of portraits, landscapes and street scenes and although subtle,
often carry a hint of social commentary.

Since 1985, McAnuff has participated in a number of group exhibitions
such as Jamaica Guild of Artists shows, Young Generation Exhibition at Mutual Life
Gal1ery, and the Harmony Hall Anniversary Show. He was also a participant in the
1986 Annual Festival of Fine Arts competition in which he was awarded a
certificate of merit, for his landscape, Boot Hill and he was also awarded a
silver in 1996 for his portrait, Port Royal Resident. His work may be found in
private col1ectlons both locally and internationally.

McAnuff is the fourth recipient of the Life of Jamaica Art Scholarship.
A keen observer of his surroundings, this artist receives
inspiration from the beauty of Jamaica's people; its landscape and seascape; its
architecture. His philosophy leaves no room for complacency. It is important for
him to keep in touch with what is taking place in the Art World.

Through his paintings, Ewan McAnuff intends to continue to bring vital
features of Jamaican life, as he sees it, to the attention of his fellow
Jamaicans and the world at large.


Babulal by Ewan McAnuff


'Orange Man' 1991 by Ewan McAnuff


Wag Water River by Ewan McAnuff


View from Neita's Nest by Ewan McAnuff


Story Teller by Ewan McAnuff


Boston Seascape by Ewan McAnuff


Grazing by Ewan McAnuff


Antique brazen kettle by Ewan McAnuff


By The River by Ewan McAnuff


Fun Seekers #2 by Ewan McAnuff


Vintage pitcher and wash bowl set by Ewan McAnuff


Little Ochie by Ewan McAnuff


Wagwater River by Ewan McAnuff


Mandeville Market by Ewan McAnuff


Irons Mountain 2 by Ewan McAnuff


Reggae Tree by Ewan McAnuff


Old Soul by Ewan McAnuff


Brass Kettle by Ewan McAnuff


No Fence by Ewan McAnuff


Story Time by Ewan McAnuff


Honey Maker by Ewan McAnuff


Enamel Mug by Ewan McAnuff


Fun Seeker by Ewan McAnuff